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20,000 up to 25,000 page views a month . Itslonggone is a newer website for things that have been lost/found or stolen .The more people that see your post the better the chance for a quick safe return. The International posting is up but still testing it out.All the Google ads on this site are safe and might lead you to other resources that might help Join us on Facebook! The more people that know about its long gone the better your chances are!

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HTC Desire HD cell phone

Found In Category Electronics.....(Cellphone's) - Posted By kabloona - 2243 Days Ago

Black zippered binder

Lost In Category Documents ,paperwork & files - Posted By Barry Greene - 2326 Days Ago

Black Leather Wallet

Stolen In Category Wallets & purses - Posted By connie delisle - 2354 Days Ago

Lost Dog - Small Spaniel

Lost In Category Pets.....(Dogs) - Posted By Macduff - 2377 Days Ago

iPad stolen

Stolen In Category Electronics.....(Misc) - Posted By Gord - 2395 Days Ago

Dog (Staffordshire bull terrier)

Stolen In Category Pets.....(Dogs) - Posted By Anonymous - 2400 Days Ago

Camera-Video Tripod

Found In Category Cameras - Posted By Ken Chaffer - 2421 Days Ago

Cat (Lucy)

Lost In Category Pets.....(Cats) - Posted By Nathan - 2460 Days Ago

Black and White Cat

Found In Category Pets.....(Cats) - Posted By Bonnie Schneider - 2492 Days Ago

1971 F250 Vintage Ford Truck

Lost In Category Vehicles - Posted By Anonymous - 2559 Days Ago