Latest News's Darren Martin in an interview with the Daily Courier on the role of the website in finding lost and stolen items in the fire evacuees' mass robbery case.

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Name of the Article Suitcase

Category Wallets & purses

Address Parking lot of Dhaliwal Banquet Hall

City Surrey

Description Someone stole a small suitcase from my car trunk in the Dhaliwal banquet hall plaza. I was greatly devastated because it contained my bridesmaid outfit, my phone charger, my jewellery. PLEASE if you took it, or find it trashed somewhere reach out to me as I have put my number on it. There will be nom questions asked, you can keep everything I just want my bridesmaid outfit. It means everything to me. I am willing to offer reward money.

Posted By Mimi - On 2016-05-07 23:22:07