Latest News's Darren Martin in an interview with the Daily Courier on the role of the website in finding lost and stolen items in the fire evacuees' mass robbery case.

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Name of the Article 2 snowboards with bindings

Category Auto parts

Address Abbotsford (parking lot of Winners just off the sumas exit)

City Abbotsford

Description Today in the winners parking lot just off the Sumas exit in Abbotsford a co-worker and I came across 2 snowboards with bindings. Just laying in the parking lot. Not sure if some deadbeat stole them and dumped them, or if there is some logical explanation why they were there. They are both in really good condition so I'm certain they were not just thrown away. I'm reaching out to try to one the rightful owners here. If you can name the brand and the colours of the boards, they are probably yours. And please people, if you guess the brands and colours and email me just to try to score some free boards, you are a piece of trash. Think about karma please!

Posted By Anonymous - On 2015-10-29 17:29:05

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