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Name of the Article Stolen White Maltese-Mantou Lost

Category Pets.....(Dogs)

Address 44st + Prince edward

City Vancouver

Description I have not find my dog yet. Some of the posters ( put in Quebec St + 44/45/46/47/48 St ) have been pulled down. I do not know who did it, but it was not me. Please stop doing it. I will put them back. Mantou is kept by someone who lives close to McDonald's park and Q. E. Park (37 St + main St). I think he/she gave Mantou a grooming because a dog lover sent me a video which looks 99% like Mantou. He is my baby. I can recognize him the moment I see him. And I am sure he can recognize me. His hair changes. I went to the Q. E. park whenever I have time, but they never showed. Please please help me find this dog!!!!!!! I can not upload a video on the Craigslist. If u ever saw a similar Maltese, please sent me an email, and I can sent u the video. My email is Or if any of your neighbour gets a new Maltese ( small white dog) recently, which looks similar to Mantou. Please give me a call. I will go there and double check. Many thanks!!!!!! My cell is 778-926-6971. $500 Reward is for any one helps me find my dog. Thanks Sarah

Posted By Sarah - On 2015-08-12 14:00:04

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