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Name of the Article 1990 Nissan Pathfinder

Category Vehicles

Address Taken from my parking spot, at my apartment in Esquimalt.

City Victoria

Description Please help! My truck is a smaller 4x4 SUV style truck. 2-door model, with the smaller triangular window just behind the doors. Plate # 808 HMS. Colors are black upper and grey from below the door handle down. small amount of rust on the body, especially the trim around the windshield. Small vertically-creased dent just behind the front drivers side turning lamp. Black steel bush guard bumper off the front, spare tire rack at the rear. There is also a low profile spoiler at the rear with a chunk busted off the driver's side; looking from the back it's as obvious as a missing front tooth. There is also a fairly unique sticker on the rear passenger side, 6" round with a black and white tattoo-like picture of a tiger's face/hawk (you look at it one way it's one, another it's the other) and a red star at the bottom. The truck also has magnetic powers when dirt and bird poop are concerned I'm kicking myself for not having any photos handy. Also for not having theft insurance! It's a dirty, rugged, fun-lookin machine. In all likelyhood it's gone for a joyride and ended up wrecked in the bush somewhere, but i wont give up hope. I miss my truck greatly, having lost it this way is a real kick in the chops. I would like to get the word out to some good people who would keep an eye out for me, and i will do the same. I can be contacted via email at or on my cell at 250-507-0585. My name is Matt. Thank you for your time!

Posted By Anonymous - On 2009-07-09 23:14:41

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Hi, My truck has been found and returned home!

Posted By Matt On 2009-07-12 00:30:14