Latest News's Darren Martin in an interview with the Daily Courier on the role of the website in finding lost and stolen items in the fire evacuees' mass robbery case.

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Ref No. 7345

Name of the Article Mens wedding ring

Category Jewelry & Valuables

Address Downtown Tofino. "Jacks", convenience store, Jamie's rainforest Inn. Or anywhere in between.

City Tofino

Description 9 karat gold wedding band,/w rough diagonal design on the outside face. Engraving reads, T M B B L B Aug 3 2013. I will pay $400 anonymously to anybody who can return this very sentimental gift from my sweetheart on our wedding day. Please do the right thing. Karma exists! Thank you. 250-287-6667

Posted By Leroy Marthinsen - On 2015-05-19 20:50:48

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